August 15, 2019

Becoming a father has helped me realize that a woman is one of God’s greatest creations.

The day I had my daughter, I experienced a myriad of emotions (outside of being speechless and overjoyed) that made me think about my relationships with other women in my life.

Part of what I was feeling was unease. I wanted to reach out to every woman I had wronged or hadn’t shown the utmost respect to at any point in my life. My mother, teachers, ex-girlfriends, flings, hook-ups (...if we keeping it real), even my wife with whom I am way in love!

What I think is so cool is that we dads are blessed with a front row seat to the interactions between a child and her mother and the demands that relationship requires. It is extremely humbling and something I can’t fathom and probably never will. The whole pregnancy process blew my mind...then postpartum! OMG!! Actually realizing that everything good, happy, and QUIET runs through mama!!

It’s truly a blessing to parent along side the mother of my child, but my girl is still killing it as a WIFE. As much as I love to see my wife as a mother, the fact that I can call her wife is an honor. I don’t ever want that to fade.

One of the most amazing things about becoming a dad is that every day I can show my daughter what true love looks like in my role as husband to my wife, her mother. In times of comfort and discomfort, it’s about demonstrating that love comes with no strings attached -- that real love is unconditional and intentional. You hear all the time “keep dating your wife,” but in my mind that gets lost in different seasons of life. So I made a vow to not to just date my wife, but win her over and over and over again.

Doing it daily and never forgetting her worth.

Making sure my daughter sees love displayed in a manner that she can clearly recognize when it finds her. And giving her the knowledge to run away when it seems like love, but truly isn’t.

Men compete in almost every aspect of our lives and will go out of our way to be Superman at work, for the bros, and for anyone else we are trying to impress. But we don’t always come home with that same energy. I encourage all men reading this to WIN YOUR WIFE. We have a duty to provide a living example of what a man truly is to our kids and to the mother of our kids each and every day.

Being the best possible husband is one of the greatest gifts I can give to my wife and daughter. And for that reason I’ll keep compete every day for my two girls!

Malcolm Hill is a Rice Graduate. Currently he is a high school football coach and Professional Communications Teacher in Frisco, Texas

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