October 3, 2019

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times,

there is nothing wrong with needing help or asking for advice, especially when it deals with parenting.

Personally, I was terrified when I first welcomed my daughter into this world. Not because I wasn’t ready to be a father and not because I wasn’t expecting her, but because raising a child is something I have never done before. And now, that my daughter is almost 6 months old, I still face things with her that I have no idea about.

Why does she drool so much? Is this rash normal? Is she supposed to be doing this weird wrestling flip out of our hands when she’s mad?

As a first time parent, I will continue to have questions as my daughter gets older. Yet, I will have no hesitation to do research, educate myself, and ask other parents for advice, so that I can be a better parent myself.

I am not afraid to tell people who and what has helped me in my fatherhood journey. Besides my family and other fathers, who were first friends to me, the community at Expectful has also helped recently.

You may know them from posting adorable families on Instagram, but their main objective is supporting parents with a meditation and sleep app that guides families that are preparing to conceive, through pregnancy, and into postpartum and parenting.

With the launch of their new Fatherhood Library, they now help dads to take time out of their day to work on their inner selves. This app is not here to tell you how to act, rather it helps you cope with certain situations as a parent that we all deal with.

As a professional basketball player, I have a busy schedule. If I’m not on the road traveling around Europe, I’m in training sessions. Therefore, I am very mindful on how to make sure I block out enough time, not only to spend time with my daughter, but also to make sure I am growing as a parent. Expectful helps me make time to slow down and use the teaching as a form of meditation, whether it’s 5 or 10 minutes. I am able to identify things as a father that I should be mindful about during this time and try to put it into my everyday parenting.

We all have our phones in our hands 24/7. If something is going to remind you to do something daily it's going to be an app on your phone.
I highly recommend it, not just for fathers, but for all parents!

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